DECKMA Service



Important Notice

Replacement components for 15 ppm Bilge Oil Alarms.

All monitors in our range are inspected and tested to I.M.O. requirements at our factory prior to delivery. In normal use the units should operate correctly and without fault over a long period of time requiring only small amounts of maintenance to be carried out as outlined in the instruction manuals.

Service Exchange Units
In the event of a monitor malfunction due to electrical or electronic component failure it is our recommendation that a service exchange unit be ordered. The defective instrument should be returned to our works within 30 days of supplying the service exchange unit, then only the repair charge is payable. Otherwise the whole cost of a service exchange unit becomes payable. This procedure is by far the easiest and most cost effective way of ensuring the monitor on board conforms to I.M.O. resolution MEPC.107(49).

Component Replacement / Repair
When replacing or repairing electronic components (except fuses) please note that due to varying component performance characteristics it may be necessary to re-adjust or calibrate the monitor. Failure to carry out the correct procedure could result in the monitor over or under reading which in turn could lead to oil pollution and the consequences that follow. In order to avoid this potential problem we can only advise that a service exchange unit be supplied.

Instruction Manuals Download:

pdf icon OMD_24_Series_Instruction_Manual_R07_20221109.pdf

pdf icon OMD_2008_Series_Instruction_Manual_R06_20221109.pdf